What a person fears the most?

Every person has an image, which is primarily based on his traits such as job, appearance, status, family, nature, education, and interests. He wants the outside world to know him as per his traits, which he usually displays.
But he also has a second side, where he secretly nests his certain thoughts, memories, actions, and sometimes relationships.
In my view a person fears most, is about his second side getting revealed. Therefore, he guards inner self ferociously, he wants to share with none, mostly not even with his wife.
But his both sides are real, often they impinge on one another. Together they impact not only his life, but even those who are associated with him.
He takes special care to guard his inner self, because of many reasons, some are like, being judged, public shame, sometimes even fear of life.
It would be unfair to regard his fears as psychic because he learnt them in his childhood and in his growing years, for example “My heart craves for something, but the rules of the society dictate just the opposite.” Therefore, he soon learns to bend rules to his benefit.
Though he learns to keep his inner self concealed from the public view, yet his inner self keeps compelling him to act to satisfy his true desires.
For the advertising companies the data about his inner self is important because his decisions about the choice of products and services would be dictated by the inner self.
The market research companies use algorithms to collect the data about the inner self of people by their behaviour. They know the identities, social media links of their target audience to advertise their brands of limousines, housing projects, theme parties, destination weddings, so on and so forth.
Interestingly many famous people in the past, would have to undergo a much tougher scrutiny if they lived today. In todays’ social media, it is far more difficult to keep one’s secrets away from the public eye.

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