The Repercussions of Covid19

January 2020 began by a surprise call from Head of department English Literature, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada. He invited me as a creative writer on a two-day celebration of a Literary Conference.
At the function I shared my journey of being a writer, I was felicitated by the Institute in a heart-warming ceremony.
That followed by another invitation from Osmania University Centre for International Program and Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies. It was organised in the beginning of March, I also launched my new novel, Love and Honour during the seminar. A number of copies of my novel were bought by the students, professors from different Universities and by a few creative writers.
Then came Holi festival, and on that day, I drove from Goa to Pune to be with my wife, who was working there.
A few days later Covid19 pandemic created a worldwide panic.
On 24th Mar India also declared lock down, initially it was for fifteen days, but later on it got extended to four months.
We did not know that how the life would change due to the virus. I personally was very skeptic about my personal as well as the strength of our country, to be able to tide over the difficulties, which arose by such a catastrophe.
To be frank I was quite surprised to observe my own tenacity as well as our nation’s strength to come out of the problems one by one.
For example, I could complete writing another book during the period, which went for publication and I could also read a few of top authors at my leisurely pace. Those were a few exhilarating experiences.
Our nation in spite of being faced with many problems, like the spread of virus among a large population, the inadequate infrastructure, impact on economy which plunged the GDP by steep @10%, India China LAC Face-off, Pakistan border skirmishes and several more happenings, showed our will power to forge ahead in various fields, like digitisation, successful launch of communication satellite and medical infrastructure.
I had gone to Pune for four to five days, but I remained there for around nine months.
Now the year has come to almost its end and I have a few lessons here.
The first is that India is a strong country, it has maintained its culture for over 4,500 years, during which it passed through various ups and downs. There must have been certain virtues, strengths to keep growing in spite of infinite problems. The country faced attacks several times in the history, some invaders even made India its home and their culture merged in Indian culture, on the other hand some invaders ruled here and finally left the country, leaving behind part of their own culture. India has vast resources, and the biggest resource is our people, they have the tenacity as well as will to survive. They might pass through several hardships, they would not only survive but would grow even stronger. That has happened several times in our history. Many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism took birth in our great nation. Today many look up to India for spiritual guidance. Her history and culture provide the store house of knowledge.
The best lesson I learnt during the year that I should be more optimistic about the future.

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