The purpose of life

The question bothers everyone, but it holds more importance to a few.
Today a man has an average life span in the developed countries of around seventy-nine and in developing countries of around sixty-nine. That is quite a long period for those who are concerned, whether their existence has any purpose. Life is an opportunity for everybody through which he experiences what all has been happening within him and what all has been happening outside him. He also knows that it is a rare opportunity and whatever he might do, he would never be able to capture this ability permanently, one day he would die along with that this faculty to experience will also expire.
From the very beginning of civilization, many men have put in enormous amount of effort to communicate through their acts, by leaving behind a heritage or through their imprints, the very purpose of their existence.
Most prestigious prizes have been instituted internationally to honour such people, who have done something which had a lasting effect on others.
Yet the enigma of life shall continue, the very purpose why the man came into existence, whether by a design or just by a fluke? It shall continue, probably till the eternity!
We have to derive our own meaning through our lives, our perceptions, our experiences, whether our lives have any purpose? It is a fruitful thought, which helps people to go beyond their limitations, their challenges. The people occupied with this thought tend to do something which qualitatively improve every body’s lives.
That reminds me a poem by our late National poet, Maithli Sharan Gupta…
विचार लो कि मर्त्य हो न मृत्यु से डरो कभी,
मरो परन्तु यों मरो कि याद जो करे सभी।
हुई न यों सु-मृत्यु तो वृथा मरे, वृथा जिए,
मरा नहीं वहीं कि जो जिया न आपके लिए।

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