The New Old

Every one would like to be young, no one would like to be old is a universally understood idea. However the premise of old age needs to be re stated as its conventional view no longer holds water. Today many positive changes in peoples’ attitudes, life styles, new drugs, better medical care, higher incomes have pushed the old age by at least two decades further.

Till a few years back sixty was considered to be the cutoff point, a clear demarcation between young and old. It decreed upon men and women to accept the nature’s diktat, the God’s will. After sixties men and women were termed as redundant, unattractive, dependents on their young family members and the society. They were positioned as burden to be carried by others, till their very end.

These two extra decades available to men and women, when generally they are in good health and have various advantages of wisdom and financial security, have opened great vistas.

My write up is about these extra two decades of old age. After all two decades in a life time is not a small measure!

Please note that everyone experiences young age as well as old age as a package of good and bad.

An old person has a weak body, he is averse to taking risks, he cannot put in too much work, he has less specialized knowledge and he is mostly unemployable. On plus side he has wisdom, he is patient, and he is emotionally stable.

According to the new concept the society has to view the old, between the age group of sixties and eighties differently. They are healthy and they are capable of enjoying lives as much as the young people are. That means a lot of leisure, travel and recreational activities. They are capable of reinventing their careers, life goals and they are as well capable of even going into new relationships.

The society should have more open mind about providing them with suitable employment opportunities, as they are a great reserve of knowledge and skills.

Consider so many great politicians, industrialists who at the age of sixties and seventies are leading nations and great industrial empires.

There are many millions old persons healthy, knowledgeable, skillful who could happily render their services and they could be very productive in the society. They are a great reserve which must be tapped.

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