The Change

There are great many options for everybody to work on to decide the course of their future. Therefore, art of selection is one important requisite if one wants to distinguish oneself. The discerning people select their path carefully, based on several factors such as their risk-taking ability, passion, physical resources, knowledge, age, and strengths. In my past I had heard, seen, read some great influencers but today because of social media, my exposure to extraordinary products and services and the great people behind them has improved significantly.
The advent of social media has been the biggest resource for me to tap such information, in the recent times. The growth of Twitter, U-Tube, Google, Amazon have given me access to the same level of information, which was the prerogative of the rich, powerful or the specialists of their fields, in the past. Most of the information today is live cast, so we have on dot idea about what is happening.
In this blog I would take examples from two fields- Films and Science-Engineering, where I see a big change taking place.
I find the Indian film industry is marred by the Star System, which is used to straight jacket Film Industry; therefore no one even attempts anything original. The big stars, successful producers, and directors invariably lean on their past successes, and they continue churning out films with heros acting as college Romeos even in their fifties.
Why films like Late night, The case of Benjamin Button or Life of Pi are not made in Bollywood? These are the examples of commercial films of International Cinema where the movies have something different to present.
More so in Science and Engineering, the change has been phenomenon. The boundaries of human capabilities have got extended beyond belief.
Two of the top billionaires who have been aiming at Space Exploration have already travelled to space. The ideas which were in the realm of fantasy in the past are changing into reality today.
The cars driving through tunnels to reduce the travel time in crowded cities like Los Angeles, and many more would be order of the day soon.
There has been a great change in the way we buy our goods. Soon people would be buying even cars online. The digitization has impacted each area of our lives.
These are just a few examples, the objective of this blog is that we should also imbibe such qualities to see our country progress fast.

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