A few comparisons between online learning and classroom learning.

My formal school and college education took place in classrooms. Because of Covid pandemic online education has received a big boost in current times. I shall say that both the systems have advantages and disadvantages. Elon musk Tesla and SpaceX founder once said that one goes to college to make friends and to imbibe the discipline, however he really learns on his own. I remem...
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The Repercussions of Covid19

January 2020 began by a surprise call from Head of department English Literature, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada. He invited me as a creative writer on a two-day celebration of a Literary Conference. At the function I shared my journey of being a writer, I was felicitated by the Institute in a heart-warming ceremony. That followed by another invitation from Osmania Universit...
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Hidden Enemy

We are in a phase in the human history, which could be considered as once in a lifetime event. Corona virus could be considered as a hidden enemy, because the way it has begun, invaded and spread in almost all the countries of the world so rapidly. The virus is mighty because an infected person can transmit it to several more and the numbers can multiply exponentially. The viru...
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