The ramifications of longevity?

The average life span of Indian population has gone up from 38years to 68years since 1951 until 2011. It has been a quantum jump which in other words means longevity, more years to live. The longevity has gone up all over the world, only the figures are different. Until mid of twentieth century the physical beauty ruled the roost, because the spoils of the stunning looks, hour...
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An Indian Expatriate

The Road not Taken
Rajan would have been overjoyed with the idea of settling in England, when he was young. However the opportunity came almost fifty years late! He was seventy two, when he lost his spouse and his son who was forty two, resided in England came to India for a month for his mother’s last rites. Rajan’s daughter in law as well as his two grand children were busy with their live...
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