Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies is about the duality in the nature of its characters the protagonist, Rajat and the villain, Ajit. Rajat was a self-made film producer, whereas Ajit inherited a running Publishing house. One created and grew his film production company by sheer grit and imagination, whereas the other mismanaged a running publishing business. Both had their dark sides, the differe...
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Part III “Shabana, what would you like to carry for your lunch?” It was six o’clock in the morning and she was woken up by Ammi’s call. She was pretty excited because it was her first day to the office. She opened her eyes and looked outside into the courtyard; the day light was filtering in her room. Ammi was in the kitchen and Heena was asleep on the bed by her side. She did...
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A friend of mine lost his mother a few days back. It was an utmost tragedy for him. He left for his home town by the morning flight. Being at a very important post he returned after completing his mother’s last rites in a few days. We met privately once, while I paid my condolence and he shared his grief with me. He was in tears and he confessed that he had reconstructed his a...
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