Separate the wheat from the chaff

In my final year of project in engineering my team designed a refrigerator based on Peltier’s effect. The Peltier’s effect states that if you have two junctions of wires of dissimilar material and if you pass DC through the wires, then one junction would become hot and other junction would become cold. Our team had received a lot of publicity from the press and in my first job ...
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A luxury fuel guzzling car to an electric car.

One of my dream was to own a luxury car, I wasn’t rich, yet I used to look at the various luxury car models on road and in Auto shows. I graduated from old models of Fiat, Ambassador to different models of Suzuki cars with the passage of time, my progress was slow and steady. Then came a time when I travelled to various affluent countries like USA, France, Canada and UK and sa...
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