What are the major problems of Poor Children?

To begin with, let me familiarize the readers with the reality. The poor children enjoy playing cricket, football, volleyball and many other outdoor activities just like their counterparts from well to do families. A few of them are quite innovative in terms of finding solutions, like identifying play areas. They decide upon uneven grounds, municipal parks, streets or ev...
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An Indian Expatriate

The Road not Taken
Rajan would have been overjoyed with the idea of settling in England, when he was young. However the opportunity came almost fifty years late! He was seventy two, when he lost his spouse and his son who was forty two, resided in England came to India for a month for his mother’s last rites. Rajan’s daughter in law as well as his two grand children were busy with their live...
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My Infuencers

One is influenced by many in his life. In my case three persons who influenced me the maximum were my grandfather, my zoology teacher in school and my first employer. There have been so many twists and turns in my life, but I feel that I have part of these three personalities in me. My grandfather lived most of his life in North West Frontier Province before partition. W...
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What is life?

Life is destiny or it is an accident. Are we in this world with a purpose to carry out something preordained? Or are we like a feather flying in sky being pushed by the wind in any direction? Let us analyze this by science. We are born with certain qualities from our parents and ancestors, which we get through our genes. We are greatly influenced by our initial training our...
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My Hero

Among my early influencers I would name my Dad on the top. He was a school science teacher in Lucknow. It was in late fifties and I was also one of his students. Surprisingly our school had a huge science laboratory which today even rich private schools might not have. We often had the demonstration of full experiments in the laboratory class room. Like he would show that how...
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Importance of having children

Our society always recommended that a family is complete only when a couple has a child. When I was a bachelor I thought that one should get married but why to add to the responsibilities by having children. To some it sounded as an unnatural life style. Initially I could not comprehend their point of view. I argued that India is a country of teeming millions. One could ...
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