Shabana was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to continue with her job, because Firewall Protection Software would soon identify her as the culprit.
Fortunately, the Internet Service Provider company promoters were uncontactable, being in US during the winter break, which gave her the lucky grace of one week.
Rohit got a call from her the next day, “I wouldn’t be able to attend office for a week because of my elder sister’s marriage.”
The time was suitably utilized, she converted her challenge into an opportunity. She selected an eighty sq. met area furnished office at Star Mall on rent, paid Rs2,00,000 towards advance, got a lady secretary a few years older than her, at a salary of Rs 20,000 pm and bought a laptop computer, a desktop computer at a price of Rs1,00,000. She named her company, “Asia Hospitality”, she also opened a current account in a cooperative bank. The field officer from the bank paid a visit to her office and on the basis of her infrastructure as well as three-four orders, which were in the pipeline, sanctioned an overdraft limit of Rs. 10,00,000.
Part of the bank limit got utilized in the purchase of an Elite i20 car of Typhoon silver colour for Rs. 7,00,000 and the balance was kept reserved for the working capital. She also employed a driver at a salary of Rs19,000 pm.
On the completion of the week she went to Regent Corporation office and handed Rohit her resignation letter.
It was a big shock to him, but as per the terms of her appointment letter, he couldn’t do anything excepting deducting her previous month’s salary.
That was as per expectation, which she didn’t mind, she bade him goodbye and walked out of his office as a free person. Two days later he learnt that the company data had been stolen by none other than Shabana. It was a rude shock to him, but what could he do, besides to consider it as a lesson for the future.
Shabana’s two orders out of four hot enquiries also got materialized, which propelled her into motion. Soon she was creating waves in the field of Event Management in Delhi and NCR.

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