Part VII
Shabana was full of excitement because she had secretly contacted a prospective client and he had promised to give her advance for the New Year bash; before venturing on her own she wanted to have a capital base.
After lunch she reached office and occupied her chair. Rohit had his own key to the office and he was already in his cabin. Because they had divided the roles, Shabana’s half day absence was inconspicuous. She was famished therefore she helped herself with aloo parathas and mango pickle, before getting down to work.
While she was still munching, Rohit came to her, “I managed to book Pinnappa’s order for his son’s birthday at 12 noon on 3rd Dec, arrange for a party of 200 guests at Saket Club.”
“Don’t you think the time available for the arrangements is very short?”
“After all we can’t refuse an order, when others are ready to snatch our business.”
She was worried that out of 3 days’ notice, she would have just 2 days because 1 day shall go away towards her Chandigarh adventure. She meekly nodded and got busy with her job.

Ammi had packed ‘saviyans’ in a small container along with a spoon for her to carry for the trip. It was still dark when she left her house and walked to Metro station. She changed train at Rajiv Chowk and reached New Delhi station. Chandigarh Shatabdi train was at the platform, she boarded and got a window seat.
Three and half hour’s journey was a refreshing change for her, when the train passed through Panipat station, Ambala Cantt and picturesque landscape of eucalyptus trees, mustard fields, sunflower gardens before entering Chandigarh station. Much of her time was spent in devouring tea, breakfast and calling up a few of the contractors for Pinnappa’s party. Finally, at quarter to eleven the train reached the destination, she got into a shared cab up to the bus stand at 18th sector, she paid the last fifty rupees towards the fare and from there walked to the client’s office. After ten minutes of suspense Narendra Kohli joined her at the reception and handed her the cash.
They bade each other goodbye and Shabana walked out with the booty. She was relieved that her visit to Chandigarh was a success and her boss had no knowledge about the order. One of her major contractors had opened a branch in Chandigarh and she had decided to subcontract him the job.

On 1st Jan Rohit met her at the exit while she was leaving the office for some meeting, he looked directly into her eyes and asked, “Do you have time I want to discuss something important?”
Her heart sank, fearing that he had got the clue about her Chandigarh order.
She followed him to his cabin and waited, before occupying the chair.
“I had a Fire wall protection software installed in our computer system and I have received the report that all our data such as list of customers, contractors, orders and all-important information was getting leaked.”
She felt as if all the blood had drained out of her system and she sat down on the chair to maintain her balance.
“I think your computer data has been hacked.” She was surprised to hear her own voice.
By luck he could not suspect anything untoward and seemed convinced by her reply.
Coincidentally she had pocketed the Rs 3,00,000 profit from Chandigarh order that very day.

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