Part VI
Shabana had remarked while giving her 15days salary, “Abba, for the Event which I had executed all by myself, my company made a clean profit of Rs 6,00,000, whereas I earnt a paltry sum of Rs10,000.”
She was raw, but she was not dumb she could clearly understand the hurdle, the mind-boggling sum could had been hers; if she could take one bold step.
“Why should I make compromises in my life?”
By then she had also figured out that how could she have the key to that treasure, she had the power of knowledge and she was privy to the company data base.
The excitement was heavy, all through the night she couldn’t sleep. Next day when she reached her office, first thing she did was to go through the list of hot enquiries. He was a prospect from Chandigarh, Narendra Kohli from 18th Sector, who caught her attention. She immediately called him up, “Hello Sir, I am from Regent Corporation, Gurgaon. We have received your enquiry for the New Year party at Rose Garden. May I come to your office to discuss the details tomorrow?”
“Yes, only on one condition, I want to pay by cash for the New Year party, will you accept it?”
“OK, I will come by Shatabdi tomorrow and I shall be in your office by eleven.”
“I will give you Rs 2,00,000 as advance.”
She thanked him and disconnected the line.
By then the idea of starting her own business had crystallized in her mind, she had Rs1,250 cash and a Metro pass in her purse and she left for New Delhi station Rail Booking office.
To and fro ticket, to leave by Shatabdi at 7.15AM and reach Chandigarh by 10.30 AM and then to return by Shatabdi from Chandigarh at 5.30PM and reach Delhi by 10.15PM was worth Rs1,200, the meals were included in the fare. After the transaction she was left with just Rs 50 in her purse.
She knew that she had made arrangements to reach Narendra Kohli’s office at 18th sector, Chandigarh but she didn’t have an extra farthing after that. The fear gnawed her conscious, “Suppose he didn’t meet me, or he didn’t pay me then what would I do?” She consoled herself, “Worse come worst, I would walk from 18th Sector to Railway station, which was 7 km.” The next moment the option of her returning the ticket was also over because the counter had also closed for lunch break.

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