Rohit had borrowed Rs50,00,000 from his Dad and set up office at Signature Tower in Gurgaon. Event management was a competitive line, which kept him busy all the time. In the first six months he managed all by himself to keep the overheads down. He soon realized that most of the major orders were going to established players, which had teams. They had people in different sections such as sales, execution, finance, IT. When Shabana joined him, he spent all his time in sales activity, and passed on the execution part to her. Being a management graduate, IT and finance were his natural forte and because his company was still small, he could do without specialists for other sections.
Shabana was young and she was full of energy. That gave his company tremendous advantage and in a short period it grew by manifolds.
However, the motives behind their passions were different, while he was keen to set up a successful business, she was driven by the desire to grow rich herself.
On Rohit’s Twitter account once an advertisement flashed with the caption, “Is your data safe?”
Further text and graphics described about various threats and the advertiser’s offer, which was about Firewall security. At the bottom the advertiser’s website details were shown.
A small chat with the data protection company motivated him to fix up the meeting, which materialized at the Firewall company’s office at Cybercity.
A sikh, Sukhvinder Singh was the owner of the company and he got up from his seat to welcome Rohit, they shook hands.
Rohit was convinced with the presentation, because what was being offered was relevant to his business.
The sikh suggested, “Your company is small and therefore you should do Fire wall protection yourself and you should not share the password with anyone, including your employees.”
On his return, Rohit didn’t share the new fire wall security system even with Shabana.
After the Firewall was installed, he got the first report from the consultant within six days, which was very alarming, “All your data with respect to list of enquiries, clients, incoming calls , vendors with their addresses, venues, the names and contact details of the field managers of your clients’ banks, menu cards of various caterers, rate cards of choreographers, stage performers, musicians, crooners are under Cyber Attack.”
He was shocked that his precious data was being hacked, but he couldn’t get the information regarding the identity of the hacker. He suspected one of his competitors behind the act.
“Sukhvinder, can you find out the identity of the hacker?”
“Rohit, the identity can be found provided your intranet service provider shares some of his data.”
“My Wi-Fi service provider is Ethernet Services, Nehru Place; I will ask them if they could help.”
The Wi-Fi Services was being managed by three NRIs who had gone to Boston for a fortnight to celebrate Christmas with their families. His investigation came to rude halt till their return.

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