Separate the wheat from the chaff

In my final year of project in engineering my team designed a refrigerator based on Peltier’s effect. The Peltier’s effect states that if you have two junctions of wires of dissimilar material and if you pass DC through the wires, then one junction would become hot and other junction would become cold.
Our team had received a lot of publicity from the press and in my first job I chose to join Research & Development department.
In a few months I got fed up with working in the R&D department and I wrote a letter to the Executive Director of the company that I was feeling miserable in R&D, and I wanted to switch to Sales department.
The ED was a bright man, who had built the organisation. He called me for a meeting. In my enthusiasm I told him about my project work in my college.
He asked me that in R&D if I wanted to build my project idea, I could do that.
He asked me what the commercial value of the idea was. I informed him that it had an application in the hospitals in surgery, where a nerve could be anaesthetised by cooling by Peltier’s effect.
Steam Sterilizer was one of the products which their parent company was making for the hospital industry. He told me the practical aspect of bureaucratic problems in selling to hospital industry, which in those days was mostly government funded.
In spite of the challenge he didn’t discourage me, he gave me an option of either to continue in R&D and work on developing products like what I had mentioned, or I could work as a sales engineer to sell standard products of the company, which were boilers.
In a similar example I was reading Elon Musk’s biography.
J B Straubel held a master’s degree in energy engineering from Stanford University in 2000. He was having idea about making electric vehicles (EV). There was no clean energy movement at that time. He learnt in EV the electronics was great, the car could travel a quarter mile in just 17.28 seconds, but the batteries sucked. During his years in development, he learnt that Lithium-ion batteries, such as the one in his development car could be fed by solar power.
The design of the EV model he had come up with was a super aerodynamic, which had 80% of its weight due to batteries. It could cover 1000 miles before next recharge.
Straubel could get a meeting with Elon Musk in 2004. The weird idea struck an immediate chord with him, who owned the maximum stocks in Tesla, he hired him in the first meeting itself.
Today the electric car is one of the best option available for clean energy.
The bright people have a way to pick up the most valuable persons, ideas, situations, and the resources, despite overload of information available to them.

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