Reading vs. Social Media

A number of growing kids are getting hooked on to mobiles, iPads, laptops and tv-sets and not imbibing the interest in reading.
There are multitudes who intermittently keep looking up at their accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Face book, U-tube, Pinterest and not reading the books. They spend hours and hours watching their favorite shows on these gadgets. Quite often even their parents or guardians have no problem about their spending long hours straining their eyes, brains and muscles. They probably feel relieved that their kids are occupied something worthwhile, which give them time to finish off some of their chores.
I am not suggesting that social media is bad, or the social media is not entertaining them or enhancing their information.
The question is, it is at what cost?
We do remember that before social media, computers or even tv-sets raided our homes, growing kids spent their time in playing with each other, music or reading books. They had comics, story books, magazines and novels. Sometimes it took them weeks together to finish a book.
The growing kids imbibed many good qualities from the books- like language, expression and vocabulary. They cultivated many qualities by reading, which helped them to build their strengths, their character. In those days, though they spent a few hours with their favorite books, yet they had time to play and mix with other kids or had time to be with their family members. They might had just a few friends, but they were thick friends. They could depend upon them, for whatever their worth.
Today growing kids have almost lost the habit of reading, they would rather spend a few hours watching their favorite shows. They most likely would have innumerable friends on FB, Twitter, Instagram yet in most cases they wouldn’t know them at all. Getting hooked to social media, mobiles, iPad, tv-sets have deleterious effect on growing kids. Lack of solid support could create more confusion in their lives and might sometimes cause them depression.
Often their attention span is very small, may just a few seconds or minutes. Obviously, it requires far longer attention to practice or learn something worthwhile.
Today the kids might have a far bigger exposure, but their retention is much lower.
It is up to the parents, teachers and their true friends to help the growing kids, spend lesser time on social media and develop the habit of reading. There are lovely books for children, growing kids, teens which would be interesting, informative and helpful. The books would help them in their growth, acquiring knowledge and becoming responsible, self-confident citizens.

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