“Organic” or “Inorganic”

I am often puzzled, whether a very good product or service would sell on its own, or would it also require advertising support.
It is an age-old question; however, it holds an important position even today.
I remember the good old days when I was impressed by some of the movies released in early seventies until early millennium.
I remember films like “Zanjeer” and “Shakti” where Amitabh really made a big impact on movie goers. He gained tremendous popularity among masses as an actor, he became a youth icon.
In early nineties Shahrukh Khan created a similar impact in movies like “Bazigar” and “Darr”. The music provided by Anu Malik with songs like “Kitaben bahut see padhi hongi tune….” and by Shiv Hari with songs like “Jaadu teri nazar, khushbu tera badan….” of course proved to be integral part of his success story.
Similarly, Aamir Khan in movies like “Fanaa” with songs like “Mere haath me tera haath ho….” created magic.
They were very well conceived films and they had the support of great advertising pundits, but could they predict the degree of success these movies would bring.
I am sure without the great performances in the above movies, these actors wouldn’t have such a success.
“Advertising will help but only a good product will sell.”
In today’s times when there is very powerful “Social Media”, I believe that the Organic growth alone can also create wonders. The Inorganic growth or paid promotion can help in multiplying the success, but it cannot help a mediocre product.
That is the reason that so often, in spite of a lot of advertising many products fail miserably.
The above are my views, I would welcome reader’s views on the subject.

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