One can write only when one is inspired.

There are two kinds of writings, one where a writer can write on demand and the other, where a writer can write only, when he is inspired.
Mostly people judge a piece of writing by one’s success, like a best seller. I do not want to underrate the best sellers. In today’s world where an author can be picked up by any reader around the world, a popular book must be good. In such a case I would recommend that read the popular author’s all the works and see. One would know the difference, there are many which were written, but they got the readership because of the brand the author enjoyed, not because the intrinsic quality of the writing.
Many times, an author is presented by a fan in such a way as if he had delivered the works extempore, or what I mean is on demand. But that in my opinion is impossible, it doesn’t go by the very nature of the process of writing. In those cases, the process of writing would have started some time much before the act.
To illustrate my point, I would write about two great works, “Gone with the wind” by Margaret Mitchell and “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Why the authors could not produce another equally great master pieces in their lifetimes?
I have heard many interviews of popular writers, but mostly I find that they are leaning on their image, on their popularity, all their works are not outstanding, but they don’t admit that openly, because they want to look larger than life.

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