My Quest

For a long time, I have been looking for an icon, in my growing years it was a subconscious effort, however in the recent years my quest has become more refined.
I have mentioned about some of my early influencers such as my biology teacher, Mr Johnson in high school or Mr R D Aga, Executive Director of Thermax India, my first company.
Then while reading a few biographies I got impressed by many world leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and King Martin Luther. They looked great, a few of them were great orators, their lives were full of sacrifices.
Then came a list of a few industrialists cum philanthropists like Sir Jamshed Jee Tata, Bill Gates, Azim Prem Ji. I hold their names in utmost respect for their contributions towards fellow beings, for uplifting their standard of living, providing them better healthcare and education.
When I was still evaluating a few more names emerged, they were scientists- Madam Curie, artists- Vincent van Gogh, economists-Amartya Sen, epidemiologists- Larry Brilliant, IT Czars- Steve Jobs, Space industrialist- Elon Musk. They held my attention for some time, yet I didn’t get a satisfactory answer, something vital was missing.
Three days back it was Janmashtami,30th Aug, when I got a what’s up message, regarding excellent information about Bhagwan Shri Krishna. I had always worshipped Krishna as God but here for the first time I got the account of some one, who because of his deeds got ordinary people’s love and was regarded as somebody great. Some of the vital information provided was as follows:
1) Shri Krishna lived for 125 years
2) When Krishna was 89 years old, the mega war (Kurukshetra war) took place. It was 18 days war. His role was immense in this saga.
3) He died 36 years after Kurukshetra war.
4) Life was not fair to him at all. His childhood was wrought with life threatening situations.
5) He never did any miracles. His life was not a successful one. There was not a single moment when he was at peace throughout his life. At every turn, he had challenges and more challenges.
6) He faced everything and everyone with a sense of responsibility and yet remained unattached.
7) He was the only person who knew the past and the future; yet he lived in the present moment always.
8) He and his life is truly an example for every human being.

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