My Impressions About Goa

The subject would not have been so interesting to me, if I had viewed Goa only for tourism. The conditions have changed, as now I have almost decided to settle there.
I have been to Goa many times either for pleasure as well as for work.
I remember first time when I had landed at Bogmolo airport in Goa about forty five years back, it was a small airport. A van from my hotel Mondovi at Panjim had come to pick me up, along with three more guests. The whole journey to the hotel was through narrow roads, lush green landscape and bountiful growth of palm and coconut trees. Our van crossed many wooden and pacca bridges over ponds, river and sea during the ride.
Our hotel was on the side of Mondovi river. It had a big restaurant where the guests had a nice view. The restaurant served lovely tasty Goan dishes including prawn curry and rice.
Goa has a high concentration of bars, which is a big attraction for tourists.
The other major attraction in Goa is its beaches. The sun kissed beaches were very clean during my initial visits to Goa; South Goa beaches are still very clean. Over the years some parts of Goa have become quite crowded and commercial, yet most of it is still quite peaceful.
Goa has its culture, like beautiful churches, monuments and an easy pace of life. In my first few visits, I had observed that all the markets used to remain closed for three hours for siesta in the afternoon. The practice is not so prevalent now. In Goa most of the things are less expensive than in other parts of the country. In my view one gets more value for money.
To sum it up it is a nice abode for somebody like me, who wants to spend time reading, writing and in activities like walking on the beach or swimming.

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