My Hero

Every body must be having a hero in his life, I am also lucky that I have got one. In my earlier blogs I acknowledged two persons, who were my icons, one was my teacher in high school and the other one was my employer in my first job.
The time passed and then my exposure grew beyond my surroundings to people who made an impact nationally and globally. However, they had already so much of recognition that my acknowledgement of their achievements was wasteful. I didn’t know these people at personal level, but I could know about their contributions through TV, social media, and newspapers. Many of them were infact over exposed and after some time they didn’t have the same kind of fascination in my heart as it was there in the beginning.
There were a few reasons for my tapering interest and the biggest was that I didn’t know them at personal level as I knew my past heros like my teacher or my employer.
I knew them while they were teaching, playing or when they were with their families, or they were working.
I was lucky to have got one person in the last three years, whom I revere as my hero today and I know him well.
He is my doctor, a urologist in a hospital in a small city. You would like to know that what is so special about him.
In one sentence I would say, I have found him to be most dedicated man in his profession. He would be earning a moderate amount because the hospital is in a small city, the consultation and the hospitalization charges there, are one of the lowest in my experience. During the last three years I must had met my doctor about a dozen times, and I always find him either in his outdoor patient department consultation room or a cabin next to his operation theatre, where he meets his patients when ever he can spare time from the OT. In the last one-half year, I have got his consultation free of cost because of the onset of covid pandemic. He knows my predicament that I can’t travel and meet him personally but being a chronic patient, I require his prescription for the purchase of regular medicines.
He has always spoken in a friendly tone, and he has prescribed me medicine more than eight times on What’s App. He was always in the hospital either in OPD or at OT and he has always taken my call.
In today’s world when we come across people who are invariably business minded, I find my doctor being driven by his dedication to help as many patients as possible.
After meeting him I realized that I love those who are in one mode, all ready to fulfil just one goal in their lives. He is the third such person from outside my family, whom I have come in contact by luck.
I think this world goes on due to such people, who are fully dedicated in their jobs. I was lucky to have found s a teacher, a business leader and now a doctor.

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