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Truth & Lies

Shabana hailed from a conservative Muslim background of old Delhi. If she chose to go by the norms, she would have to settle for an arranged match, accept purdah as her lot and crush her ambition. She knew that the times had changed, her icons were Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, she wanted to make an impact.
Rajat, a film producer, won National award for his film, Zindagi. He was on the lookout for a young actress for his new production, Mulaquat, based on first war of independence of India. Ajit owned Perkin’s Publisher by default. He wanted to time the release of a biography with Rajat’s new film, in which he wanted to portray him as Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. Shabana used her natural talent to be both, Rajat’s heroine and Ajit’s author, in spite of the restrictive clauses of her contractual agreement with them. The war between Rajat and Ajit got dirty, which resulted in murder, suicide, changes in the fortunes, public protests and far more. What happened to Rajat, Shabana and Ajit and those who were affected? To know all, read an edge-of-your-seat thriller, Truth and Lies.


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Love and Honour

Kapil, a doctor, testifies falsely; Larissa, a pole dancer, escapes rape; Alia, a liberated woman, gets married to Teja, a rogue. ‘Love and Honour’ is about the roller coaster through which their lives pass. Murder, blackmail, flouting business ethics, political pressures are the practices used by the oppressors, who stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Kapil and Alia realise a little late about their mistakes, but love gives them the strength to fight back. ‘Love and Honour’ gets the readers see the depth of their emotions. Will they free themselves from the dishonourable lives and accomplish their love? To know it all, read the fast-paced book with a thrilling mix of romance and crime.


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Stars In Your Eyes

Mumbai – well-known as the city of dreams, as also the underworld – gives Ranbir his directorial debut in Bollywood, reuniting him and his leading lady Meera in a bond he had dreamt of since their college days. While Meera is crowned the queen of Bollywood, Ranbir also makes his mark as a director, till success parts their ways. While they search for true love, trouble comes looking for them. A series of heartbreaks, lies, blackmails and vengeance culminate into a murder, putting Ranbir and people he has loved – the charming Sunanda who gives Ranbir the love he was craving, and the vivacious Veena who stars in his magnum opus and becomes his real-life wife – under the police radar. Will Ranbir be able to find his true love, or will the stardom leave him alone and aloof? Will the murder of someone he cherishes kill his soul too? Stars in Your Eyes is a story of love that loses its way in the stardom that many crave. A thrilling page-turner, the story brings to life various facets of love – those that thrill, and those that kill.


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Make Me Your Friend

Sharon grew up in an orphanage in Mumbai amidst extreme deprivation. The glitter of money was too strong for her to resist. She delved into the world of crime for the sake of a luxurious life style. The bank heist was executed successfully. But her partners in crime fell into the hands of law. Then, she met Ramesh, a police officer. She could not remain indifferent to him. What happened next?


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Sunil Gera

An Indian writer; his novels are romantic thrillers with dash of crime

Sunil Gera is an author of the books,’ Truth and Lies’, ‘Love and Honour’, ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ and ‘Make Me Your Friend.’ Sunil loves to pen bold and passionate novels for the youth, which inspire and evoke dreams, desires, and determination to make their dreams come true!