Life with a difference

Vinay had his medical file lying before him. Doctor had left his house over an hour back.

His first report, which had come a week back, had indicated that he had blood cancer. He was incredibly shocked and therefore he underwent the same tests again.

Doctor had reconfirmed his earlier diagnosis. He had given his assessment in plain words. “You have advance stage of blood cancer, in medical parlance it is known as multimyeloma. You could prolong your life by bone marrow transplantation and chemotherapy by maximum a year but it would be a painful life. If you do not undergo the treatment then you may live for about six months.”

“Doctor is there no hope?”

“I can’t be dishonest; I have to give you the real picture.”

Vinay understood the stark reality that he had just six months to live, contrary to his earlier assumption of enjoying his full life. He was disheartened considering the paradox that at that juncture he owned four hundred crores but he had no one, to whom he could call as his own. His earlier plans to venture into new businesses, go
on world tour, buy a villa in French Riviera all came crashing down. He knew that he couldn’t possibly spend that amount on himself in his short life span. He also knew that he could feel bad, shed tears but it wouldn’t change the reality.

He dwelt over the challenge that what he could do with his wealth at that point.He sat contemplating, highly uncertain about himself and his future.

In a flash a new thought dawned upon him, which brought a new spark in his consciousness. It was a bold new awareness, over riding his earlier perspective of life.

“OK I will change my plans altogether, I will live the balance six months of my life for others.”

He realized in the wake of the new meaning of life, his existence did matter where as earlier it had no significance. The basic change was that he wanted to dedicate the remaining six months of his life and his capital for a social cause.

Of all the social causes the one which always remained closest to his heart was to fund a primary school for the children from poor background and impart them free education.

The new thought process brought a fresh wave of energy in him. What his mind and body had under gone was a total change in his approach towards life. In the past he lived with the belief that he owned a fortune and he had a long life to enjoy it and therefore he lived selfishly. Whereas now he perceived his life as a tool to serve God.
He thought that he was given an opportunity by the Creator to bring a change in the lives of a number of poor children by giving them education.

He took bath and went to Shiva temple in his neighborhood. He knew the Hindu Trilogy of Gods of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, where Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is the Preserver and Mahesh or Shiva is the Destroyer. In brief they symbolized the life cycle. Every living being has a birth, a life period to perform certain tasks, for the purpose for which he has come to this world and finally the death. The whole thought of life cycle brought a feeling of calm and peace in him. Later he went to a vegetarian restaurant and ate simple food. He returned home and made some notes.

Vinay had remained very busy for the next four months. The setting up of school was a challenging task, which involved acquiring land, construction of building, selection of staff for teaching and administration, furnishing, landscaping, plantation of trees and getting the approvals from the authorities. He was lucky that the key people whom he selected shared his vision of providing good school education.

There were four slums nearby and one hundred children were admitted as students from those localities.

The students were provided books, stationery and two sets of uniforms. Their facilities included mid day meals, sports, recreational facilities and transportation. There was a competent team of caring teachers and administrative staff. There were challenges at each step but Vinay due to his steadfastness inspired tremendous confidence in his team and all the problems got solved.

The school was finally inaugurated and Vinay attended the prayer session in the open ground. The principal addressed the gathering of the students, the teachers and the administrative staff members.

Vinay was looking at the faces of children who came from the poorest strata of society. He knew that those children were the future of the country. He was sure that they would make a meaningful contribution in the society.

He had created a foundation named “Bal Shiksha Niketan” and had opened an endowment of two hundred crores in a nationalized bank. The interest on the amount was adequate to cover the total cost of running the school with five hundred children and fifty members of teaching and administrative staff.

His mission had been fulfilled. He came home in a happy state of mind. It was five months since his doctor had given him maximum six months of life. He remembered clearly that how the doctor’s words had completely shaken him. His statement had made him relook at his perspective of life. He called him up and the doctor advised him to undergo the same tests and then he would see him with his reports.

Doctor was examining his MRI, CTC scan and the report. There was a look of pleasant surprise on his face.

“Vinay, I do not know how but your condition seems to be immensely improved. Your RBCs and platelets counts have become normal. I am amazed that how this improvement has occurred. You do not have the signs of multi myeloma or bone marrow cancer now. Whatever you have been doing to improve your condition, please continue it. You are a living miracle.”

Vinay was very happy to get the news from the doctor that he was well.

Vinay knew that he was well. He knew that his thought process had cured his disease. He remembered that a new Vinay was born the moment, when he had reversed his perspective towards life – when he had decided to live for others, instead of himself.

He knew that his good health was a miracle; his newly founded school was a miracle.

Vinay had a good health after that. Did he continue marching on the path of social service or did he revert back to his earlier way of selfish living? What happened thereafter? Readers may send their replies with comments.

The next blog would have the second part of the story.

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