I have seen, read and seen live a few Great Management Leaders in my lifetime. It is obvious to everyone, that his or her personal experiences are of greater importance than the knowledge gained through other sources.
In this light, I consider it worthwhile to share my own tryst with Destiny. It was my honour to see and listen to Peter Drucker live, when he had come at Jamna Lal Bajaj Institute in Mumbai about 46 years back. He was respected as the Father of Modern Management and I was also an avid reader of his books.
In my own lifetime I would like to honour one Outstanding Leader,R D Aga, A Graduate from Harvard Business School, Co-Founder and Ex-Chairman of Thermax Ltd. I have shared my respect for him in one of my previous blogs too.
My interest in Leadership is still intact and to understand the changes with Time and Leadership Style, I have read a few Biographies and watched Videos/ Films of a few Great Management Leaders. Some of their names are Jamsetji Tata, John Welch, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Tony Robbins.
Invariably one quality which stands out among all them, is that they have been uncompromising in terms of quality of their products or services.
They always valued their “Time” the most, because though that is a free commodity for everybody, yet unlike money it is irreplaceable.
They are/were Great Visionaries and they always followed their dreams, most often against all odds.
They built teams and worked very hard to pack the maximum in the shortest possible time to achieve their targets.

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