Intelligence vs. Action

I have observed over a long period of time, that many who are intelligent but hesitate to act, generally lag behind. They spend too much of their precious time in weighing pros and cons of the to be actions and in this process miss out on great opportunities.
In some cases, they do act on a few decisions but unfortunately give up too soon, when they meet a few setbacks. In some other cases they do not try many options and therefore remain oblivious to the bigger or more meaningful outcomes.
There are many who pick up the easier or secure path and then they stop trying.

Remember, for everyone the future unfolds according to his decisions and his efforts.

To be successful is not easy, but to a great extent it depends upon the person’s decision-making process and the amount of effort he puts in to achieve his goals.

Here I would like to present a few tips on how to be successful:

1. The person should act on his decisions, he should not waste too much of time in only weighing pros and cons of his to be decisions. According to an old saying, “A wrong decision is better than no decision.”
2. Everything has a price. For achieving something worthwhile, a person has to put in a lot of hard work. All great deeds of life have been achieved by the relentless efforts put in by a few individuals.
3. Vision is important in achieving something meaningful. Conceptualizing and writing down a mission statement based upon the person’s vision would be very useful.
4. A person has to go through a lot of hardships to achieve goals. The person should have a lot of courage to go ahead on the face of a lot of opposition.
5. Planning is essential for achievement of goals. Achieving anything worthwhile requires a lot of preparation and homework.
6. For most big goals, team work is essential. One should have a motivated team to achieve the goals.
7. One should carry out a proper financial planning to achieve his goals. It is essential to be conservative in financial planning, because mostly the results don’t come as per one’s expectations. One should be ready to go through a lot of testing time.

In nutshell intelligence is important but more than that, action is essential. When a person acts, he can see the path to success more clearly. The situations change, the circumstances change, peoples’ attitudes change.

Very often the person who persistently tries succeeds, because in the process he learns about his strengths and weaknesses. In successive attempt he is able to overcome his weaknesses and be better prepared to succeed.

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