Importance of Charity

The gap between the Rich and Poor is growing every year. At present @1% of Top own @34% and @50% Bottom own @13% of the World’s Wealth. The sharp Inequality between the Rich and Poor exists in all the countries like USA, UK, India, South Africa, China but it is more skewed in certain countries – South Africa, USA, Russia, India and Namibia.

It would be worthwhile to discuss a Utopian thought- Suppose all the Wealth of the World gets distributed equally among all the People, whether the World would become a level Playing Field. The answer to this question is “Yes” and “No”.
The question was once answered by one of the richest men of that time, he stated that the Redistribution of wealth would commence immediately and in a matter of a few hours the Inequality of the same scale will return. Many Economists think differently today.

That brings us to the question that whether the Poor can be helped, by a new form of Government or by a New Social System.

There have been different types of Governments across the world like Democracies, Dictatorships, Communisms, Socialism, Monarchies. Different types of Economies are being practiced there, like Capitalistic in USA, Socialist Market in China and Mixed Economy in India and Oil Exports based in Libya. All forms of Economies have had their share of success as well as failure at different times and in different countries.

It is found that the Countries having less Inequality is a Good measure to know about the Success of that country and the Wellness of the people living there.

That brings us to the Topic of “Charity.”

Many World Economists believe that “Charity” is good, and it can help Individuals, Countries and the World. It is not that Poor do not want to work but due to poverty they do not have Nutritional food, Education, Healthcare, Job opportunities.

In my opinion many Rich suffer due to Excess, they could as well share Part of their Wealth with the Poor. The Charity will help them in improving their own Quality of Life.

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