How the winners are different?

They focus on their jobs.

Everyone has distractions but the difference is that the winners focus on their main job, when at work. For example, one can see tennis star like Novak Djokovic perform at Grand slam.

They are efficient.

Their output is much more than the average performer.For example, Stephen King writes 1800 words every day, in other words he completes a 400-page novel in less than three months.

They have high self-esteem; they don’t get discouraged by the criticism. The achievers have the same ups and downs in their lives. They have their distractors, but they go by their own feeling. Steve Jobs was thrown out of Apple, the company which he created, but later when Apple was floundering, he was invited back as CEO at his own terms.

They are passionate about their work; the work is their identity. Charlie Chaplin created the character ‘Tramp,’ more than a hundred years back in, ‘Kid auto races at Venice’ and even today when the character appears on the screen, it makes us laugh.

They practise every day. The results come out of consistent effort. Michael Phelps said in an interview that for five years he followed only one regime, that was “Eat, sleep and swim.” He believed in himself that he would be the best swimmer of the world.

The list may be long, but the above are important lessons for all of us. If one imbibes them one can achieve great success.

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