How one feels being in sixties?

I wouldn’t say that age is just a number, but I do feel that a person’s attitude towards life is very important in determining his healthiness.
What conscious decisions a person takes, what kind of discipline he follows, can to a great extent affect his aging process.
Among other essentials the first and foremost would be his daily routine. A regular time to wake up , regular exercise, which may be walking, regular nutritious meals, regular sleeping hours, make up for some of those.
The Curious case of Benjamin Button could be fiction, but it did rekindle the idea of reverse aging among so many. Combined with better health care, research in longevity one could expect to live may be up to one hundred and twenty.
If a person has a healthy lifestyle, at seventy-three he could feel as young as a person of thirty-three, half a century back.
A few celebrities such as Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, and Richard Gere are not only physically fit in their sixties and seventies, but they are also attractive for the opposite sex. Women find them matured, suave, respectable, wise, graceful, and desirable.
For being fit in sixties and seventies, mental activity is as essential as the physical activity.
The old saying goes, “Use it or lose it,” is of utmost value. The brain if not constantly challenged by mental activity would surely slow down. There are age related problems, like one tends be forgetful and in extreme case it could be dementia. But those who continue exercising their brains, by reading, learning new skills, solving problems, experimenting, grow their mental abilities to a high order. Mind if not challenged will waste away.
The last and equally essential aspect of a person’s vitality is his spiritual well-being.
So far as a person remains too much absorbed in the banality of life, he remains unsecured. He gets too much bogged down by the loss and gain in his physical world. With passage of time a matured person derives bigger meaning from life, over and above his personal gains and losses. He tries to be a contributor in the society in terms of enhancing the quality of life for his fellow beings.

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