How is my experience about writing?

I have read many books since the time I was a young boy. My earliest recollections are about my fascination for the hard bound children’s books, when my dad used to take me out for a treat to Hazratganj in Lucknow.
The evenings were gay and there was a book shop, just outside my uncle’s garment shop which displayed various colourful children’s books like Cinderella, Red riding hood, Alice in wonderland, Sleeping beauty and Sindbad the sailor. While my dad spent time chatting with my uncle in the shop, I used to look at the colourful books. Sometimes my dad allowed me to buy one or two.
I was a vernacular student, yet I would get the hang of the stories, because they were simple, in bold font and beautifully illustrated with colourful pictures.
The next phase was when I was in the early grade in school. My elder sister has been a great influence on me, and we started subscribing for Indian popular magazines for children like Chandamama and Parag. Chandamama used to be a beautifully illustrated magazine with very interesting stories. Some of the popular stories were based on the Greek mythology like The Helen of Troy, which was a long sequel. Similarly, Mahabharat the Indian epic was beautifully presented with lovely illustrations in another sequel.
Then came the influence of novels. Ibne Safi was a popular detective novelist who used to write in Urdu. His books were translated in Hindi and the series was called as ‘Jasoosi Duniya.’ There were characters like Vinod, Hamid, Kasim, Rajesh, Sarla in them. The stories used to be very thrilling, and the protagonist was a suave CID detective who would solve the crimes. You might consider those as likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie in Hindi.
Then my world changed, and I went to a public school, where I was exposed to a lot of outdoor activities, and my interest in fiction got overshadowed. In boarding I got busy in outdoor sports like football, volleyball. Similarly physical training, hikes, mountaineering also became part of my growing up.
I returned home after two years of boarding, then back again I had a lot of time and no regular activity. During that period my elder sister presented me three books named ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Rebecca’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ I had to struggle to understand the stories in those books because English was still a foreign language for me, my medium of education till then was Hindi. However, I had a lot of time at my disposal, and I kept a dictionary next to the book I was reading, to understand the story, the characters, the emotions, the dialogues and the settings.
In a couple of months, I not only started enjoying the novels, but they became part of my life. Now I was imagining the life in ‘Pemberley’ and ‘Manderley,’ the fictional estates in the novels.
The next phase which I can recollect is when I was in college in Delhi. The novels which influenced me the most were ‘Fountain head’ by Ayn Rand and ‘Of Human Bondage’ by Somerset Maugham.
One thing I learnt that once a person gets immersed in a novel, one gets lost in his own dream world. I have a memory to share to illustrate my point.
I remember a man, who always got in my crowded 12A bus at Red fort stop, the bus route was from South Extension to Maurice nagar and my college was at Kashmiri gate. He wore a colourful shirt with a red scarf, he only had the possession of two three detective paper backs each time, and he would somehow manage to get a window seat and after that he would be immersed in his books.
The novels which I read inspired me to put my own thoughts on paper. I was also interested to knit the stories the way the good authors did. It was a very challenging idea, and I did make a few feeble attempts in the beginning.
In college days I wrote few pages on different occasions. The topic used to be my frustrations as a student, regarding the poor education system where the method of teaching was not helping to understand a subject, but to train the students how to score higher percentage in examinations. That was the reason that the Indian students were not in a position to apply their knowledge in solving the real-life problems.
A few simple examples were like an engineer could not rectify the problem, if his car stopped all of a sudden, even if he was an automobile engineer. He didn’t have the confidence of opening the bonnet and putting his education to some use. That was a crude example, but it showed the ineffectiveness of the educational qualifications at the grass root level.
I also wanted to quit engineering mid-way and do something different, where my aptitude lay.
Over the years I became a practical man and today I feel happy that I did complete my education. In India a degree is very important, without which a person’s worth is zero.
I took up jobs in marketing and worked in different companies and during that period I wrote several times.
The days passed into months and the months passed into years.
At fifty-nine I once met an astrologer by chance, I asked whether I would become a writer one day.
He asked me, that what came on the way of my becoming a writer.
I mentioned to him, that though I had written thirty forty pages on several occasions, yet I had never been able to complete any book.
He gave me a simple answer, that I should combine all the pieces which I had written till that day and complete my book.
After that I took up writing as a full-time occupation. My personal responsibilities had been over by then and changing my hobby into a full-time occupation very well suited my temperament also, it was a good plan to retire.
I wrote during the next two years and then approached many publishers. Luckily a well-known publisher, who published novels of several genres and magazines accepted my manuscript.
My first novel was published within six months of my submission.
I have been writing romantic thrillers with dash of crime as my genre fro the last twelve years, my three novels have already been published and my fourth novel is under publication.
Writing is my passion, and it is my wish to grow my audience internationally.

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