Hidden Enemy

We are in a phase in the human history, which could be considered as once in a lifetime event.
Corona virus could be considered as a hidden enemy, because the way it has begun, invaded and spread in almost all the countries of the world so rapidly. The virus is mighty because an infected person can transmit it to several more and the numbers can multiply exponentially. The virus knows no boundaries, such as nations, colour, religion, gender, financial status or age. The virus has already infected lacs of people and killed many thousands.
We had so far thought only about a real enemy like a rogue nation or a terrorist group, who could unleash a war causing unimaginable devastation. Scores of books have been written and the movies have been made on the subject.
However, one did not foresee that we could be attacked by a hidden enemy, like a virus. That it would begin by entering into a human being from an unlikely source, from a bat infected animal. That it would get transmitted by respiration or through contact and infect many more human beings. That it could spread across nations and become a pandemic, causing mighty devastation around the world in a short span of time.
That it could force the governments of every nation to leave rest of their business aside and put all their resources to fight this virus and its consequent effects.
That most of the resources of the nations would go into providing medical facilities such as hospitals and testing laboratories. In supplying masks, in testing human beings, quarantining those who have been infected, providing lifesaving drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and lifesaving equipment like ventilators.
Due to spread of the virus the governments would be compelled to lock down all industries, services excepting only essential industries and services, to prevent the virus from spreading.
To provide food and shelters for those whose sources of earnings could had come to a grinding halt.
The governments would invest heavily in the research and development work to help and invent expeditiously a vaccine which could be administered to the entire world population.
That the economic cost would be humongous and it could take years for the life to come back to the stage, where we were.

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