Difference between successful and unlucky

Being a writer, I am an observant of human behaviour. I have watched many and found a few striking qualities in those who achieve phenomenon success.

1. The successful people do the essentials in the early stages, they regard time as their biggest asset.
For instance, if a young boy or girl want to become actors, they closely watch the good actors, innovate and practise.
An aspirant girl with alluring features, will act cameos and post her videos on Instagram and Facebook.

2. The successful people do not get bogged down by their failures, instead they learn from them.
That requires discipline, to be able to observe oneself critically and act upon ones’ findings.
Suppose a man has failed to woo a girl, instead of sulking he could look at his faults. It could be that he has failed because he was too easily available, probably because he didn’t have any choice, which is quite common. Many Romeos think that if they have failed once, they cannot win in future also. They might have laboured under delusions, such as the girls want to be wooed only by the rich boys, or one is not tall enough, or one doesn’t have a good expression. The fact is that if they try a few options, like going out and socializing, or listing themselves on Tinder, they would be able to find suitable girls fast enough.

3. The successful people remove the word, ‘Impossible’ from their dictionary.
What it means is that they look for the possibilities, where others have closed their minds.
The removal of the word, ‘Impossible’ from one’s dictionary is a paradigm shift. Here the person is living in a new world which is different from the world in which the others live.
Such a person believes in what he is doing, his belief then changes the world. Like somebody should first believe that he is the best teacher, then he shall become the best. I would like to add here that the subconscious mind is most powerful, once a person believes in himself he achieves that.

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