Convert hurdle into opportunity

I remember the words of my trainer, “One can find something good in everyone!”
My trainer continued, “For example Devil, who is considered bad through and through, yet he has his plus point, do you know what?”
After a pause my trainer himself gave the answer, “He is so hardworking, he never gives up!”
I remember his words, to try to change the usual response of despondence, to all the severe problems.
However instead of being fearful, we can train our minds to face each day of our lives with courage, we can learn to convert failures into opportunities, or we can learn to be calm, even under turmoil.
Each of us can cite examples from their own lives, when they gained something worthwhile from the situations, which they initially thought were bad. In nutshell there is nothing hard and fast about any situations, occurrences, attitudes, behaviours or even relationships.
I will cite the example of Covid19, to illustrate my point of view.
Our response, after the pandemic stuck was severe, that of a calamity, which brought immeasurable hardships in every body’s life.
I am not trying to be flippant, but look at some of the major gains which it provided to the individuals and to the society.
It made us compulsorily move towards digitisation. It was already happening, yet the pace towards digitisation grew faster after Covid19 stuck. Now most of the financial transactions take place digitally. The video conferencing for education, health, cooperative society meetings, office meetings have become sometimes the only option.
The push towards digitisation has resulted into tremendous growth for online industries and drop in pollution levels in the cities. The families are spending longer time together, which has provided better understanding between partners, love and care for the children.
The free time, which has resulted from less travel is being utilised by many in reading, writing, cooking, cleaning, music, dance and much more.
The impetus in the growth of drug industry, the invention of Covid19 vaccine in a record time of a year, when earlier such kind of invention took minimum seven years.

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