Being a Novelist

My conscience would had pricked if I was reading a novel, sitting at home while my wife was at work in the office. I am past seventy, therefore I have passed the stage when friends or relatives’ capricious remarks might touch me.
I had chosen writing to be my new profession at the age of sixty. I have produced four books. The time spent at home was part of the entrepreneurial effort, to bring out a sterling literary work. That surely required a lot of focus on reading books, therefore I would not demean myself by considering the time spent in reading, just a trifle.
Though we had enough, yet the spirit of adventure prevailed in my wife to shoulder bigger responsibilities at office. She would get up early, cook two meals, and after her return do the heating, we would sit together to savour ours dinner. In spite of a long day she would look fresh and energetic throughout.
That gave me ample of time and scope to improvise my books , so the stories and the details of my characters looked real.
Writing is an art, and like all arts it improves with practice. There is an additional point in my favour, whilst most of the authors produced their works when they were young, in my case I produced my first book when I was past sixty. Therefore, my experience is reflected in my books, through the attitudes and the performances of my characters.
Life is a stage, and we are all actors, to play our roles. The novelists’ jobs become quite meaningful, because they write to entertain. Mostly they create plots and attitudes of the characters, which reflect the moods of the society and the times. The change is the law of nature and after a couple of decades, the new readers marvel about the attitudes and the customs of the bygone era and they enjoy looking at the good and bad changes which have taken place. Some of the books remain popular even after the death of their writers, they in a way give them immortality.

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