An insight into the forthcoming novel – “Charisma.”

Rajat knew that Reham could not see anything beyond herself. She was interested in living extravagantly, he thought that let her suit herself.
Twenty million was not a big amount for him, because he expected a big rally during the forthcoming Charisma public issue, he was sure that his financial position will go upwards. For him his impeccable image was far more important, and he was ready to pay any price for that.
Reham was through with her discourse, she was dreaming about the ways she could spend her loot. She excused herself, they walked a few steps together and then he waved her good bye. She quickly moved away, however he stayed back to give her more space.
He chose to climb up the stairs leading to the tunnel opening and looked at the water tank, which was about fifteen meters underneath. It was sunset time, the sky had the shades of red, violet and grey colors. He looked at the pristine beauty of Hauz Khas tomb, which dated back to 13th Century Delhi Sultanate reign.

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