About Sunil

first-day-of-fallSunil Gera is an Indian writer; his novels are romantic thrillers with dash of crime.
“Love and Honour” is his latest, after “Stars in Your Eyes” and “Make me Your Friend”.

All his novels are edge of the seat thrillers with one common thread- “His protagonists are ordinary people who are strongly motivated by the glamour of fame and fortune. Such desires often trigger them to choose their own rules of success, independent of the conventional throes of the Indian Moral Brigade” .

He promises you a thrill-sational experience in this journey of finding love and living your dreams, which inspire you to love boldly, live passionately and dream sensationally.

Sunil Gera academically is an Engineer from Delhi University. In his college days, his favourite subject was “Humanities” and he loved poems like “Ulysses” by Alfred Lord Tennyson, “The Prisoner of Chillon” by Lord Byron. He spent part of his free time in reading novelists like Charles Dickens, Margaret Mitchell, Somerset Maugham, Daphne du Maurier and Alberto Moravia. He was so inspired by the plots, the style and the characters of the novels that he believed that those who did not read the literature, missed out a great part in their lives.

Sunil Gera writes with the objective to enthral his readers; he believes that everyone’s life is a blessing and it should be lived with purpose.