A luxury fuel guzzling car to an electric car.

One of my dream was to own a luxury car, I wasn’t rich, yet I used to look at the various luxury car models on road and in Auto shows.
I graduated from old models of Fiat, Ambassador to different models of Suzuki cars with the passage of time, my progress was slow and steady.
Then came a time when I travelled to various affluent countries like USA, France, Canada and UK and saw many top models of luxury cars on road like Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Bentley and Jaguar.
I thought that if I own one of those, then I would consider that I have arrived.
A few years back I went for test rides on various new models of Mercedes and BMW. I had almost decided to own one of them.
At the same time there were a few developments in terms of awareness in the world. Greta Thunberg’s movement regarding Environment was gaining weight.
We became more conscious about global warming, carbon emission, depletion of wildlife. We got the message that each and every individual have to contribute towards the preservation of environment and then only we could hope to protect it. It was our responsibility towards our children, otherwise we would be leaving behind an unhealthy environment for them.
I was overtly impressed by her line of thought, it made a lot of sense. Afterall what shall I achieve by owning a fuel guzzling car, when I would be polluting the environment with its exhaust, whenever I rode it.
After that it is a fact that I didn’t look at the fuel guzzling luxury cars with the same perception, they simply didn’t enamour me. The purpose was to go from place A to place B, in a safe car, but why should we deplete the environment so badly.
The infra structure of Goa, where I live will be suitable for the maintenance of an electric cars only by the middle of next year , therefore I have targeted to own a good electric car around that time.

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