The ramifications of longevity?

The average life span of Indian population has gone up from 38years to 68years since 1951 until 2011. It has been a quantum jump which in other words means longevity, more years to live. The longevity has gone up all over the world, only the figures are different.
Until mid of twentieth century the physical beauty ruled the roost, because the spoils of the stunning looks, hourglass like figure for women; muscular body, swarthy looks for men could carry them over for their lifespans. In simple words if women or men depended on their physical attributes, the ensued benefits were good enough for their remaining life spans.
The question is if the same attitudes carry on today, wouldn’t the spoils of the youth run out? The answer is that the physical beauty or youth would no longer be a vehicle to ride on for entire lifetimes. Other qualities such as mental agility, empathy, hard work, capacity to work under pressure, imagination, adaptability, building relationships would be equally important qualities.

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