Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies is about the duality in the nature of its characters the protagonist, Rajat and the villain, Ajit.
Rajat was a self-made film producer, whereas Ajit inherited a running Publishing house. One created and grew his film production company by sheer grit and imagination, whereas the other mismanaged a running publishing business.
Both had their dark sides, the difference was that Rajat still had a conscience, whereas Ajit worked recklessly.
Shabana hailed from a traditional background, who wanted to try her luck, to break the shackles and grow.
She found opportunity with both, Rajat and Ajit, she also got emotionally involved with both.
She got the break as a heroine in Rajat’s big budget film and she also produced an autobiography for Ajit’s publishing house, unmindful of the fact that she was going against certain restrictive clauses of the contracts with both. She excused herself, because for the rich people, the subject of morality was conspicuous by its absence, then why should she bother.
Rajat and Ajit crossed swords at a stage, her autobiography became the bone of contention, when Ajit timed the launch of her autobiography with Rajat’s film release, to steal the publicity by the scandal about Rajat.
That led to major acrimony between the two, Rajat and Ajit; both fought it out legally as well as by underhand means.

Being young Shabana initially went by the superficial glamour, but later she realized that Rajat mostly acted out of goodness, where Ajit was through and through selfish. She concluded that those were the very reasons for the failure of his publishing business, because he undercut everybody for his selfish reasons.
Finally, she chose Rajat as her partner.

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