Sunil Gera

An Indian Writer

Sunil Gera is an author of the books,' Truth and Lies’, ‘Love and Honour', 'Stars in Your Eyes' and 'Make Me Your Friend.’ Sunil loves to pen bold and passionate novels for the youth, which inspire and evoke dreams, desires, and determination to make their dreams come true!

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Words Of Praise

The characters have both good and bad qualities, which is true to life. The change in ethos, culture and lifestyle is nicely drawn, overall, an interesting novel...

Sunil Gera

Address at Rotary South City Club at Hotel Habittair, Gurgaon on 19th Aug.’15


Sunil Gera

An Indian writer; his novels are romantic thrillers with dash of crime

Touch of Evil

Mumbai was the city of dreams for most of the youngsters, who went there looking for opportunities. Kevin completed his education and went to Mumbai with big dreams.

He started his career in Twinkle Films, as Asstt Producer for a film called ‘London Calling.’

He had the drive and soon he got promoted to the position of Production head for the film.

He reported directly to JK, the GM of the company.

JK had grown from the ranks in Twinkle Films, and was the owner, Sagar Sahib’s confidant.

The company had a produced several hits during its fifty years of existence. Finally, JK had taken over the command of the company and Sagar Sahib had taken virtual retirement.

Kevin in a short time got introduced to Namita, who became his sweetheart. Namita already had a lifestyle which was beyond the means of a salaried man like Kevin, especially when his life work had just begun.

What the future holds for the young man, Kevin, and his sweetheart, Namita?  Whether Kevin would be able to live his dream? What twists and turns come in their lives?

To know all about their love, the changes in their financial positions, and others who would cross their paths, to know all read my next novel, ‘Touch of Evil.’