Why are festivals important in my life?

Festivals hold importance in everybody’s lives due to so many reasons. It would be too big a list to mention everyone’s reasons.
Here I will enumerate only my reasons, that will describe the importance that our festivals hold in my life:
• Festivals make me feel cheerful.
• Quite often they are the reasons for my family get togethers.
• I live in north India where Diwali and Holi,the two main festivals are harbingers of winter and summer seasons respectively.
• They set me in a mood to go for new things to substitute old. They provide me with the motivation for extra cleanliness.
• On New Year, I check whether my practiced methods are successful or they need to be altered.
• Festivals being associated with the religion, I try to emulate something from the religious teachings on these days.
• They make me think about my elders and my ancestors.
• They make me think about my children, relatives, friends, neighbours,peers and class fellows.
• They make me remember my countrymen such as our leaders,
philosophers ,gurus, philanthropists, saints and all those who have helped our nation.
• They make me think about our soldiers , who are defending our borders.
I submit that the list is very big, that is the importance of festivals for me.

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