What is Vision?

You look at any advertisement of a CEO of a company, what is the top sought out quality in a CEO?
He should have, “Vision”.
Sadly, so often even the interviewers do not understand what the word really connotes.
The best way is to learn is through some examples.
Ecommerce has been the buzz word today. According to disclosed figures Amazon online business in India has grown to 2.6 times in the month of Oct.’16 as compared to Oct.’15. Similarly Flipkart, Snap deal and other ecommerce companies have created a big dent in brick and mortar retail companies’ businesses. The CEOs of these companies knew that how ecommerce will dominate the future.
Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba once jokingly told a Walmart executive that to get 10,000 new customers Walmart has to open a new store, where as Alibaba has to put only two servers. How cost effective !
It was Jack Ma’s vision due to which he could change the way people shopped in China.
Steve Job founder of Apple once said that the customer do not know that what they want until we have shown them. That is how he came up with products like I-pad, I pad and Iphone.
Further I will explain in words the meaning of, “Vision”.
In management a top executive has to have a philosophy, a strategy, a mission statement, a burning desire to take his company to a higher level with in a given time frame. Such executives take a stock of their strengths and weaknesses, they define their future goals, they study the competition, and they devise the strategy, plan the resources and motivate a team to work on those lines. Their ability to see where their company would be in the future is called, “Vision”. It is not possible to for any company to reach a desired goal without this great quality.

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