What is life?

Life is destiny or it is an accident.
Are we in this world with a purpose to carry out something preordained?
Or are we like a feather flying in sky being pushed by the wind in any direction?
Let us analyze this by science.
We are born with certain qualities from our parents and ancestors, which we get through our genes. We are greatly influenced by our initial training our parents, siblings and our friends. In addition our school, village, town, language, culture, country, history and many more factors have influence on us.
Over and above we take decisions, which are based on all above factors and finally on our own will or our discretion.
Our circumstances are different, which are due to our family economic condition, health, education, guidance, weather, history and so many more factors.
It is more or less is like cause and effect theory. Quite scientific, because many factors which can be proven with the present scientific knowledge and many more factors which can be proven later after science unravels more mysteries.
Let us now analyze by spiritualism.
Are we destined? Is our life preordained?
We know that many people from the similar backgrounds have emerged as apostles, kings, artists, on the other side many have become criminals and destitute.
When we see a tree, what we generally see that it has a stem, branches, leaves and its fruits. But we overlook that it has its roots, its soil, that there is sun, air, rain fall, fertilizers and it’s DNA (the qualities it has got through the seed, from which it was born.) In other words generally we do not look at the bigger picture.
Similarly when we look at a person we are looking at what is generally visible. But there is much more which is not visible. Because it is not visible we tend to ignore its importance.
For human beings there is more to it than in the above example, because human beings have their discretion. They have the ability to think.
In fact what is not visible affects our lives far more.
That is why some become geniuses like Einstein, leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, saints like Buddha.

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