What death is , my view!

I have been thinking about death for many years. It is a natural thought for every one.It has been answered differently in different religions and in different cultures. My interpretation is as per my own understanding and that is what is important for me.
I saw the trunk of an old tree which had fallen, while walking through a jungle . The tree had lived probably for two centuries,had weathered many storms and had served nature- by spreading it’s beauty, by creating millions of litres of oxygen, by giving fruits for many many seasons , by providing shade to many tired travellers. Even after its death it looked beautiful, really a work of art. There was no ugliness, it’s whole life span was fruitful , it spread happiness even after its end.
Indian culture looks at death in the same way, as natural end to any physical thing. It also says there is no negativity in death , it is just a natural process. The above example is a perfect description of birth and death for any thing physical, a tree or a human being.
Then why do we attach negativity to death. It is because we give over importance to the physical form of a person. It should be borne in mind that physical form is just a small part of the whole universe, Srishti.What is important is the total conciousness or what we refer as Srishti or Atman. We cannot limit life to only the physical form, because it is only a small fraction of the whole. Through the conciousness of the mind of the physical form, we experience the whole universe. In a natural way the physical form comes with a life span and as it had begun one day it ends also one day. As they say that body is like a garment for Atman.There is no negativity attached to death because the universe, the consciousness , the Atman lives as beautifully for ever.
In deaththis conciousness only gets transferred somewhere else. Like there is a divider or a wire which connects, by its two points two bodies, one which is dying and the other which is taking birth.The divider is the God, the Creator, or the Paramatman who allows the consciousness to pass, from one to the other. A body dies and somewhere else a body takes birth.

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