To live one’s dream

To be happy in life one has to follow certain principles.
For every one there are certain basic requirements like money, health , eduction, family which should be there.
Therefore a man should take care of his health, physical and mental . He should go through all the rigours to get a proper education. He should get proper eployment or do business to earn handsomely and he should nurture his family.
While he takes care of all the above, I wish to emphatically state that he should spend a lot of time to live his passion.
His passion or dream could be to be a professional, a sports man, a musician or a preacher.
It should be borne in mind that only those who live their dreams are really happy and others who live their lives as per others choices become lustreless.
Sometimes people go for their dreams with the support of their families and on other times even without the support.
In many cases it takes time for people to know where their passions lie. That could happen only after they have personally experienced a few streams and have tested their aptitudes to discover their true passions ; it may take many years.
Therefore the question arises for many that how much risk they should take to live their dreams.
I submit that there cannot be a simple answer for everybody because the solution would depend upon so many factors such as each individual’s wish, confidence,drive, passion, age, vision, intelligence,experience.He may have to choose between a comfortable life or to sacrifice it to enable himto go for his dream.
We all know that most of the people do sacrifice their dreams to lead comfortable lives. I do not hold anything against their decisions because those decisions are based on their circumstances , temperaments and risk taking abilities.They are also proper decisions but they have to pay the costs by living theit lives with regret,by others choices, not their own.
My recommendation is for those who want to go for their dreams. I want to caution them to take the precautionary steps.Only after they have secured a regular source of income or have accumulated sufficient reserves that they should full time go for their dreams.

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