Man learns more from failures

Man learns more from failures, therefore instead of lamenting, he should celebrate when he meets a failure. He should think that he has got an opportunity to understand his shortcomings and that he can act again after he corrects them. The success does not provide him with the same opportunity,because it often stagnates him, makes him arrogant or makes him play safe. Remember ...
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Nostalgic memories of New Year

On 1st Jan 1972, the first day of the year, I had got up with groggy eyes after having hardly two to three hours of sleep. On New Year eve I was at old Pune club till wee hours. It was a cold morning in a friend's house. His house was more or less a shelter where I had got ready in semi darkness and then had rushed to catch the bus to my factory. Once I had reached the factory ...
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Glimpse of new novel

lebua state tower
Love is a one Time Offer I experienced Thainess when I visited Bangkok. I remembered visiting Charcoal Tandoor Grill and Mixology at Soi Sukhmvit 11in Bangkok. It was nine in the evening and most of the tables were occupied. It was newly opened Indian restaurant with excellent ambience on fifth floor. I chose a table near a window and sat on a reclining chair. In a few moments...
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