A friend of mine lost his mother a few days back. It was an utmost tragedy for him. He left for his home town by the morning flight. Being at a very important post he returned after completing his mother’s last rites in a few days.
We met privately once, while I paid my condolence and he shared his grief with me. He was in tears and he confessed that he had reconstructed his ancestral home for his mother and she was supposed to move in a few days, but she passed away even before seeing the new home.
Many of us lose their near and dear ones, with some incompletions and sometimes we live with a feeling of regret for the rest of our lives.
In my case also, I was managing with difficulty for many years and I couldn’t do much for my parents till their last days.
I remember the struggle my parents passed through in bringing me up. I could never repay for the sacrifices they made for me,or the hard ships they went through.
I wish there was mechanism to approach our near and dear ones even after their deaths, to offer them our gifts, our love and our gratitude.
It is sad that often we get so busy in our mundane activities or become such cowards to express our feelings openly.
Time is fleeting and some of our near and dear ones will not be around after some gap. It is better not to wait for everything to be right before we show our love. We should be brave and we should go and show all our love for all those who are valuable in our lives.

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