Our misgivings when it is about others’ successes.

Whenever I have tried to find the reasons behind good jobs done, I have always been amazed to watch the consistency of behavior of the people working behind. I do the analysis sometimes to simply unravel whether the job went off well by some luck, a chance and fluke or there was a deliberate thought, hard work and  a good plan behind the success.

There are many examples of successful enterprises and there are lots of books written about them.

I have chosen examples of small enterprises which are simpler to analyze.

I know a dentist in a nearby market, who is having a successful practice. It is run by lady, who studied dentistry in Australia and started practice here.

She is a hard working woman, who opens her clinic at 10AM in the morning and goes on till 130PM in the afternoon. Then she opens the clinic at 5PM in the evening and goes on till 830PM at night. She keeps her clinic closed only in the second half on Sundays. She has been having this schedule for the last eight years for the time I have noticed her clinic. She has employed a dentist and two assistants to help her and she engages a specialist for root canal jobs and an orthodontists for tooth implant on case to case basis. Her clinic is very clean and hygienic. She is very courteous and she meticulously keeps records of all her patients’ dental history. She charges reasonable fees and in case of any complaint she pays full attention to the patient and she attends to the issue free of cost. She has never been visibly perturbed in any situations.

There is another example about a hardware computer repair shop in the main market. The owner of the shop sells well known brand lap top computers as well computer hard wares. I have been watching his business for the last five years. He has been doing a successful business all these years. His home is an hour drive from his shop. He opens his shop at 10AM every morning and he leaves his shop at 7PM every evening. He is well versed in all the computer repair jobs, which also include identifying any defective parts and replacing them by new branded components.

He specializes in jobs like formatting of computers, uploading virus protection and solving all the hardware problems. He has got one assistant who is also a hardware mechanic. He is very courteous, his charges are reasonable and he attends to the problems promptly. In case the problems recur he attends to them promptly free of cost. Sometimes his customers are helped remotely also by solving problems such as uploading software with the help of app like Team Viewer.

When we find somebody like a sportsperson, a student, a shop owner, a service provider succeeding in his task, we often attribute his success to his good luck, whereas the truth behind the success has invariably been good planning, a lot of hard work, good relationships, etc.

It would be worth noting down that it would be easier for any person to put in single minded effort provided that job happens to be his passion too. Therefore I recommend that everybody who is in the process of choosing a profession must pay maximum attention to his aptitude. It is very important to know that where your passions lie. There should not be a mismatch like someone with a passion in dancing to become an accountant or someone interested in playing cricket to become a manufacturer.

The old saying goes that the luck favors the brave. The luck is a probability and generally it favors the person who is whole heartedly working towards those goals, like the stories of Eureka in case of Archimedes or apple falling in case of Newton.





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