Nostalgic memories of New Year

On 1st Jan 1972, the first day of the year, I had got up with groggy eyes after having hardly two to three hours of sleep. On New Year eve I was at old Pune club till wee hours. It was a cold morning in a friend’s house. His house was more or less a shelter where I had got ready in semi darkness and then had rushed to catch the bus to my factory. Once I had reached the factory I was in a large room with fellow trainees. That was the period when I was in my first job. The training room was to us with little interference from the outside. In those days we were undergoing an easy training program, because many of our classes used to get cancelled, as the program was not fully planned. That day I had slept on my desk for most of the day excepting for the time when we had gone during the tea and the lunch breaks. After moving out from the room I had been quite surprised that most of the office and the factory staff members were as alert and busy as on any other day. I realized that I had been in abysmal minority when it came to New Year partying.
Today early morning on 2017, forty five years later I got up for another New Year day. But today I was fully relaxed after the full night sleep. I had not gone for a New Year party; instead I had my drinks and nice dinner in my wife’s company at home only.

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