No Alcohol Drinking during the Festival

Alcohol has become an important factor in social circles in many cultures. Almost in every country during the festivals, people prefer alcoholic drinks. Thus alcohol has become the most widely used recreational drug in the world. It is a legal drug which is available without any prescription. Though Amitava Dasgupta in his article, The Science of Drinking, has mentioned that drinking in moderation has many health benefits, yet he admits that alcoholism is a serious problem requiring medical and psychological treatment, (How Alcohol Affects Your Body and Mind. Plymouth: Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, 2011) Therefore, we should refrain from drinking alcohol in every festival. Not drinking alcohol in every festival or in any other situations is better option for the following reasons:
Alcohol is a very serious and dangerous drug. The person who drinks too much can lose self control and may act inappropriately. If he drives after drinking he may cause an accident. Alcohol can damage liver forever. Heavy drinking can cause cirrhosis and hepatitis. The latest data on the number of patients published by The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reveals that 1 in 3 people will become addicted to alcohol at some point in their lives and only 25% of people with a problem shall get treated. So it makes sense to keep your personal health profile and history in mind when you are deciding how much to drink.
Alcohol can damage skin because it is a diuretic, it dries you out literally. Drinking too much alcohol leaves the skin dry and dull. It also widens the blood vessels on your face. Alcohol has calories and drinking more than two drinks a day will see you steadily packing on weight. In addition, binge-drinking can increase your blood pressure and damage the muscles of your heart too.
Opponents of this view say that drinking alcohol is a personal choice, at times it helps you to relax. Although drinking alcohol is a personal choice yet it may affect others, especially when you drink too much. We should spend time in those relaxation activities which are more beneficial than drinking alcohol.In conclusion, reducing alcohol consumption in every festival is advantages to people. Drinking alcohol not only increases health problems but also brings about negative effects on the society such as accidents, frequent quarrels and fights.
The readers should consider before drinking alcohol in the festival the dangers it may lead them to.

*The article is written by Ms. Afifah Nik, student of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

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