My love affair with exhibitions

First day of my career in Pune and I was taken by two managers of the company to spend the day at an exhibition, where our company also had a stall. We had a working demonstration of a packaged steam boiler there. Raj Kapur was the chief guest in that exhibition and that day he also visited our stall. One of my colleagues from Kerala even asked him to buy the boiler. RK smilingly replied, “What would he do with it?” Anyway my colleague was happy that he had a chat with our film icon. The managers also took me to a fancy restaurant for lunch. So the day passed quite well.
After a year, when I had just returned from Delhi to my workplace in Pune, I was informed that I along with a colleague were assigned to manage our stall at Asia 72 exhibition in Delhi. I was more than happy that I was going back to my home place.
It was the first large international exhibition on a well laid out venue in our country.
The biggest draw at the exhibition was the fashion show organized by Textile
Pavilion, where famous models of India walked the ramp. The parade used to be every evening at six. As we had made friends with the organizers we could always get some passes. In the later days it became the star attraction of the fair. The demand for the show increased to such an extent that the passes were being sold even in black. In those days we even obliged the MD of our company by arranging passes for him and his family.
I also visited Chicago in 2006 to attend a Pharma exhibition
I participated in many exhibitions like PMec, Ahaar, Book Fairs, Auto fairs.
I keep visiting various exhibitions till date and my love with exhibitions continues.

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